When I hold you and cup you to my body, I am home again
When watching you, I forget where I am
When the night light flickers around the rooms of my soul
When at last I rest in the warmth of your smile
When every child can sleep and dream the perfect dream
When our food is just enough to satisfy our hunger for more
When we stop to tell our friends they are so real and loved
When the clouds celebrate each draft of wind
When our collective voice sings in tune with mother earth
When we forgive our lost and scattered fears of shame
When we no longer thirst for scandal or revenge
When we at last attain a sense of pure imagination
When we dance to the rhythm of the winter with patience
When each spoken word rings so true in each of our hearts
When every soul ascends to it's rightful place with the infinite
When we climb down from our sad and misplaced ego
When there is sun shinning through every child’s eyes
When we no longer enslave ourselves to material treasures
When we learn to share and be equal with every living soul
When all children are born free from hunger and brutality
When every sound we hear is in true harmony with the cosmos
When I kneel and kiss the ground you walk upon my love
When I know you are in my heart and soul forever

Then I shall live and sleep in peace evermore